Heinz Motschall GmbH - your roofing and plumbing contractor in Perl-Besch

About us

Roofer Heinz Motschall founded his company as early as 1967 and now runs it as a family business in the third generation. In 1974, the name was changed to Heinz Motschall GmbH. The master craftsman company currently employs about 10 people. As a certified teaching employer we are happy to welcome new apprentices every year. We work in France, Luxembourg and also in Germany.


Our activities

The range of tasks of our modern roofing company is very extensive. We specialize in the field of old building renovation. We focus on carpentry, roofing, plumbing, and heating.
With the support of other regional companies, we are the right partner for private customers looking for complete renovations. We offer expert advice and then establish a complete quote for the renovation of the entire house from the ridge to the foundations. This includes energy efficiency advice and the assertion of any moisture damage to the entire house.
Another focus is the individual creation of metal profiles on our on-site long-edge bending machines. These profiles are then used in the roofs, walls and façades.


Advice and service

We maintain our high quality standards thanks to our many years of experience and continuous training of our technical staff.
We deliver the highest quality of advice and execution.

Contact us. We make time for you.


Heinz Motschall GmbH
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